More distractions on YouTube — Trevor Noah and John Krasinski

Trevor Noah delivers a much-needed 15 minutes of good news


Simone Biles’ impressive viral handstand challenge? Yes, great! Pizza groundhog? Yeah, sure, you go lil buddy. People feeling horny for Dr. Fauci? OK, whatever you need to get through this. 

Daily Show (or Daily Social Distancing Show, as it’s now called) host Trevor Noah runs through the week’s feel-good stories for 15 minutes of escapism you could probably use right about now. 

Brad Pitt Visits John Krasinski’s ‘Some Good News’ as Weatherman

10:22 AM PDT 4/20/2020 by Ryan Parker

Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesBrad Pitt

Guests on this weekend’s episode included Billie Eilish, the Jonas Brothers and Chance the Rapper.

Brad Pitt on Sunday dropped in on John Krasinski’s YouTube series Some Good News to lend a hand, or rather a set of eyes. 

Pitt acted as weatherman, his report both bland and hilarious. “Looks, uh, pretty good. Yeah,” the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star said before going back inside his home.

Krasinski rolled right along in the segment, not acknowledging the lack of effort, à la an Office joke. 

Sunday marked the fourth episode of Some Good News, a brainchild of Krasinski in which he shares fun, heartfelt stories amid the daily gloomy news surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. The channel already has nearly 2 million subscribers. 

This isn’t even Pitt’s first role as weatherman. The actor also appeared on The Jim Jefferies Show several times as a doom-and-gloom forecasting weatherman.

Guests on the prom-themed show included Billie Eilish, the Jonas Brothers and Chance the Rapper.

Watch the entire episode below.

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