7 fictional families of romance series

Romance novels are reknown for being written about extended families. Others in addition to the seven listed below include Norah Roberts (every trilogy she’s written plus the Macgregors and more), series by Lisa Kleypas (the Wallflowers, the Hathaways, and more), Catherine Bybee (the Weekday Brides are just one example), Rosalind James (women falling in love with members of a rugby team), Bella Andre (series in many volumes spread among family members in different locations), Julia Quinn (the multi-generational Bridgertons), Lucy Score (small town love stories), Roxanne St. Claire (the Dogfather series), and many more. Sometimes the author’s linkage extends further than siblings but they’re still series you’ll want to read in order.


7 Fictional Families of Romance You’ll Want To Be a Part Of

Natalya Muncuff Apr 13, 2020

Do you know what I love more than falling in love with one character when I’m reading romance novels? Falling in love with their whole family. A series featuring multiple siblings is almost always an automatic buy for me. In some of my favorites, it allows me to even be a part of a larger storyline that can I see evolve as each family member falls in love. Here are seven fiction families in romance you’ll love to be a part of, where love and loyalty is always the priority.

The Cole family by Rochelle Alers

Follow the fictional Cole family, quietly the wealthiest African American family in the United States. Travel to Mexico, Cuba, Florida, and many places in between and be whisked away as each member of this illustrious family meet their match. Legacy is important and their past isn’t pretty but they don’t run from it. Mistakes are made but bonds are solidified.

Start with: Hideaway

The Valentine Brothers by Stephanie Nicole Norris

The Valentine Brothers are well known in Chicago. These handsome septuplets are insanely rich, devastatingly handsome, and, while the nature of their careers keeps them in the spotlight, very private. While all of the brothers aren’t necessarily looking for love, they aren’t fools—and when they know, they know. If you are a fan of instalove, this series (and family) is definitely one you’ll love.

Start with: No Holds Barred Kissing Books Newsletter Sign up for Kissing Books to receive news, book recommendations, and more for residents of Romancelandia. By signing up you agree to our terms of use

The Mason Family by AshleyNicole

The Mason family is tight-knit, and with close to 20 cousins (or more) that is not an easy feat. Their dynamic is easy and lighthearted and with each love story, you are guaranteed a few laughs.

Start with: Slipped up in Love

The LeVeq Brothers by Beverly Jenkins

The LeVeq brothers are unapologetic in how they live their lives and who they choose to love. While they yield a considerable amount of power, they don’t allow it to get to their heads, and they use it for good—to fight the injustices that plague so many. For family, there’s nothing they wouldn’t do.

Start with: Through the Storm

The Strong Family by Niobia Bryant

Take a trip to Holtsville, South Carolina, and meet the Strong family. While some may say the men in this family are a little rough around the edges, they are passionate and loyal to a fault. Oh, and strong—definitely living up to their last name. A family of strong values, they are tight-knit and protective.

Start with: Heated

The Wolf Pack by Maureen Smith

Can a wolf really be tamed? Once a member of the Wolf family sets their sights on their significant others, nothing will be able to get in their way of what they claim to be theirs.

Start with: Taming the Wolf

The Warner Family by Ann Christopher

The right mix of politics and romance is what you’ll find with the Warner family. These siblings know how to wield power and command respect. They’re not all good but they’re not all bad either. You’ll learn to love this family despite all that comes with their last name.

Start with: Tender Secrets

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