42 things to make social distancing more pleasant

Even if I would only be inclined to follow up on a few of these ideas, there’s definitely something with imagination between this list. Do click thru to see photos.


Social Distancing Is Much Easier Thanks To These 42 Brilliant Things

By CLICHÉ WYNTERApril 4, 2020

Uncommon Goods/Target

As social distancing continues on, you may start to feel restless. Trust me, I get it. It’s legitimately hard. But in order to ensure the health and safety of yourself and your community, we have to stay committed to distancing. And while it’s not easy to stay inside and forego physical contact with the rest of the world, there are plenty of ways to distract yourself from any stress you might be feeling. These products that make social distancing easer aim to do just that.

I’ve searched high and low for products to keep you occupied at home. Obviously, you’ll find some top notch self-pampering products (because we all could use some TLC), but I’ve also included products that will help you learn new skills, like this pasta maker for homemade spaghetti and fettuccine, or this beginner’s sewing machine that’ll let you live out your designer dreams. This is also the perfect time to dive into some reading — I know I plan to carve out some hours to finally finish Michelle Obama’s memoir, Becoming.

Keep scrolling for tons of inspiration that’ll help you get through this time. And remember — this is only temporary.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

1. This Frother That Lets You Make Delicious Beverages

Bodum Schiuma Milk Frother$8|TargetSEE ON TARGET

So you can’t goto your local cafe — there’s no need to fret. With this milk frother, you can whip up your own delicious beverages at home. The stainless steel gadget is battery-operated and effortlessly creates foam that will rival that of your favorite barista.

2. The Device That Gives You A Perfect Selfie Glow

That Glow Tho Live Streaming Selfie Light$25|Uncommon GoodsSEE ON UNCOMMON GOODS

I love that this combination selfie light and phone stand not only holds your smartphone in place, but gives you the perfect glow while snapping photos, live streaming, or video chatting. Simply attach the device to the edge of any flat surface, secure your phone, and find your best angle.

3. The Legendary NSFW Game That Never Gets Old

Cards Against Humanity$25|TargetSEE ON TARGET

Cards Against Humanity has always been a staple during my family and friends game nights, and this NSFW game is a great way to keep things lighthearted with roommates or a partner during social distancing. Here’s how it goes: One person draws a question card and the other person (or people) will draw the most hilarious possible answer from their hand of cards. Beware: this is recommended for ages 17 and up.

4. The Portable Sewing Machine That’s Perfect For Beginners

Janome Graceful Portable Sewing Machine$66|Bed Bath & BeyondSEE ON BED BATH & BEYOND

Now is just as good a time as any to finally learn how to sew. (At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself.) This beginner’s sewing machine makes it less intimidating. It features 10 stitch options, and comes with bobbins, needles, a threader, and a foot switch. It’s compact and weighs only 5 pounds, so you can use it as a portable machine once social distancing is over.

5. A Screen That Magnifies Your Phone Screen

Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier$15|WalmartSEE ON WALMART

Yes, this is in fact a very cool phone magnifying screen that blow up your phone screen, so you can watch movies or FaceTime in true-to-size form. The 14-inch screen provides three to five times magnification, and even improves the picture quality, so it won’t look blurry.

6. This Classic Board Game That Tests Your Strategizing Skills

Catan The Board Game$45|TargetSEE ON TARGET

I’m looking forward to playing Catan to test the strategizing skills I like to think of myself as having. The objective of this classic game is to build roads and establish a full-fledged city before anyone else does, by collecting resources, trading, bartering, and outwitting the other “settlers” — i.e, players.

7. The Must-Read Memoir By Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Becoming$12|TargetSEE ON TARGET

Former first lady Michelle Obama broke all kinds of records when her best-selling memoir Becomingwas released. If you haven’t gotten around to reading it just yet, I highly recommend it. She gets deeply personal and shares previous unknown life stories that led her down the path to the White House. This is an inspiring read with so many gems.

8. This Pasta Machine That Will Turn You Into An Italian Chef

Weston 6″ Professional Grade Pasta Machine$27|TargetSEE ON TARGET

Looking to up your cooking skills while you’re spending more time at home? This pasta-making machine will help you do just that. After making the dough, feed it through to create a sheet of pasta, then use the cutter to turn it into fettucine or spaghetti noodles. Made from durable stainless steel, the machine also has seven thickness options, so you can make your pasta exactly how you like it. Perfecto.

9. The Mini Cake Pop Maker So You Can Have Some Bite-Sized Treats

Babycakes Cake Pop Maker$25|Bed Bath & BeyondSEE ON BED BATH & BEYOND

Feel free to indulge in a sweet treat here and there with this mini cake pop maker. It has space to make 12 cake pops at a time and the non-stick coating makes it easy to pop them out. The machine also comes with a fork tool, a holder, and sticks for your pops.

10. A Waterproof Speaker That You Can Use In The Shower

iLive Audio Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker$16|TargetSEE ON TARGET

Whether you’re taking a long shower, a relaxing bath, or going for a hike, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker can enhance the experience. The USB-chargeable speaker is shockproof, so you don’t have to worry about drops, and even has the ability to float. Cue up your favorite playlist or podcast and sync it to your phone.

11. This Super Cool Book That Teaches You Calligraphy

Laura Lavender Creative Lettering and Beyond: Timeless Calligraphy Laura Lavender$15|TargetSEE ON TARGET

I don’t know about you, but I find that there’s something soothing about putting pen to paper, and this calligraphy guide can help engage your attention even more. The book shows you calligraphy techniques and teaches you creative, historic lettering that will add a flourish to all your writing.

12. This Wine Glass Holder For Your Bathtub

30 Watt® Silicone Wine Glass Holder$15|Bed Bath & BeyondSEE ON BED BATH & BEYOND

Get cozy in your bathtub with this wine glass holder. Designed to hold both stemmed and stemless glasses, the holder suctions to your shower wall, so you can have your glass of pinot at the ready. And since it’s made from silicone, it’s entirely mold- and mildew-resistant.

13. This LED Shower Head That Changes Colors With The Water Temperature

Aqua Spa® Luxury LED Color-Changing Handheld Showerhead$30|Bed Bath & BeyondSEE ON BED BATH & BEYOND

Create party vibes in your shower with this handheld LED shower head that changes color depending on the water temperature: blue for cool, green for warm, and red for hot. The chrome shower head features four water flow settings, so you can switch between power rain, massage, a combo of the two, or a water-saving mode.

14. The Exploding Kittens Card Game That’s Tons Of Fun For All Ages

Exploding Kittens Card Game$20|TargetSEE ON TARGET

While the Exploding Kittens card game seems a bit wild, the makers guarantee that no actual kittens are harmed during the playing process. Perfect for ages 7 and up, the game gives you one goal: Do not get blown up by an exploding cat. Start with all cards facing down and take turns drawing one. If you pull an exploding cat, you’re out of the game — unless you happen to have a “diffuse” card.

15. A Yoga Mat That’ll Upgrade Your Home Workouts

All in Motion™ Yoga Mat$16|TargetSEE ON TARGET

Keep your mind and body nimble with at-home workouts on this yoga mat. The lightweight mat gives you just the right amount of cushioning and grip, so you can effortlessly move from tabletop position to downward dog. Choose from two colors: sky blue and plum.

16. The Waffle Maker That Lets You Make An Amazing Brunch At Home

Oster DuraCeramic Belgian Waffle Maker$20|TargetSEE ON TARGET

Create restaurant level brunches at home with this Belgian waffle maker. Made from stainless steel, the maker features a nonstick coating that makes it easy to remove each waffle, and the temperature dial lets you choose just the right amount of doneness, so you can have it dark and crispy or light golden brown.

17. A VR Headset That Provides The Perfect Escape

Nerd Block Hype I-FX Virtual Reality Headset$16|TargetSEE ON TARGET

The beauty of this virtual reality headset is that it grants you a moment of reprieve from the endless influx of news. Just secure it to your smartphone to play games or watch movies in 3-D. It’s lightweight and features a touchscreen button and built-in microphone for game play.

18. This Coloring Book That’s A Great Stress Reliever

BlueStar Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs$9|TargetSEE ON TARGET

When you’re in need of some zen-style stress relief, turn to this adult coloring book. It has a total of 74 pages with intricate animal illustrations that’ll keep you distracted and calm when life feels slightly overwhelming. Plus, the pages are thick enough to prohibit color bleeding.

19. The Cocktail Book That Literature Lovers Will Adore

Tequila Mockingbird : Cocktails with a Literary Twist$12|TargetSEE ON TARGET

This cocktail recipe book has a literary bent: It’s filled with a selection of 65 delicious cocktail recipes accompanied by entertaining commentary on some of the world’s most famous and classic novels. This is perfect for the devoted reader, the English major, and the aspiring mixologist. And you know what? Go ahead and read each book while you’re making the corresponding cocktail.

20. These Resistance Bands That Will Improve Your Workouts

GoFit Flat Power Resistance Bands (3-Pack)$15|TargetSEE ON TARGET

Maintain your fitness goals with these power resistance bands. You can use them to target the calves, improve your glutes, or to challenge your upper body workouts. The set comes with three stretchy, multi-colored bands with different levels of resistance — work your way up to the strongest resistance over time.

21. The Kit That Helps You Make Your Own Sourdough Bread

Mad Millie Homemade Sourdough Bread Kit$29|Uncommon GoodsSEE ON UNCOMMON GOODS

If you’re a lover of all things bread, allow me to introduce you to your new best friend: a homemade sourdough bread kit. It doesn’t require days of preparation or kneading, and it’s ready to bake in just 15 minutes. The kit comes with three packets of sourdough culture, artisan salt, a muslin cloth, and a dough scraper and whisk.

22. An Ice Cream Maker For Your Sweet Tooth Cravings

Dash My Pint Ice Cream Maker$20|TargetSEE ON TARGET

Can you believe this ice cream maker can make a pint of ice cream, sorbet, gelato, or frozen yogurt in as little as 30 minutes? (Perfect for sudden cravings.) The one-touch button makes it easy to use, and it comes with a mixing spoon and a small recipe book to help you get started. Choose from aqua and red.

23. The Tennis Table That Folds Down For Compact Storage

Hearthsong Portable Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table$57|WayfairSEE ON WAYFAIR

Get competitive with a game of table tennis. It can be used indoors and outdoors, and when you’re done playing, you can fold it up for compact storage. Even cooler — you can fold one half of the table up to play a game against yourself. The table comes with a net, two paddles, and two ping pong balls.

24. This Peeling Foot Mask That Will Leave You With Super Soft Skin

A’PIEU Soft Foot 30 Minute Peeling Socks$5|TargetSEE ON TARGET

Treat yourself to the ultimate pedicure with these peeling foot masks. Simply slip the sock-like masks on and leave them in place for 30 minutes before removing. The gentle exfoliants work to remove rough skin over the course of four to six days, leaving you with significantly softer feet.

25. The Essential Oil Diffuser That Doubles As A Night Light

Made By Design Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser$16|TargetSEE ON TARGET

There’s nothing I love more than a product that serves multiple purposes, which is why I’m sold on this ultrasonicessential oil diffuser that doubles as a night light. The diffuser can release mist continuously for nine hours, or up to 18 hours on the intermittent setting, and the soft light gives off just the right amount of soothing glow.

26. This Kit Allows You To Create Your Own Bath Bombs

STMT DIY Bath Bombs$17|TargetSEE ON TARGET

Haven’t quite found a bath bomb that speaks to your body’s needs? Try creating your own with these DIY bath bombs. The kit is packed with bath bomb mix, glitter, molds, dried flowers, moisturizing coconut oil, and lavender and vanilla essential oils for a heavenly scent. Follow the included instructions, and you’ll be well on your way to bath time bliss.

27. A Bubble Mask That Exfoliates Skin And Improves Texture

The Creme Shop Bubble Mask$10|Bed Bath & BeyondSEE ON BED BATH & BEYOND

Full disclosure: I’m completely obsessing over this K-beauty carbonated bubble mask that yes, literally bubbles up on your face. But it’s not just fun — the mask also deeply cleanses, exfoliates skin, and removes blackheads. Plus, the addition of collagen, green tea, and lavender work to improve texture and soothe redness and irritation.

28. A Kit That Lets You Make Kombucha At Home

Tea With Friends Kombucha Brew Kit$40|Uncommon GoodsSEE ON UNCOMMON GOODS

If you’ve felt intimidated by the idea of brewing your own kombucha, please allow this kombucaha kit to prove you wrong. It comes with a 1-gallon glass jar, tight weave cotton jar cover, organic black tea, organic cane sugar, tea bags, and SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) — everything you need to make a probiotic-packed drink.

29. This Weighted Blanket That Helps You Fall Asleep Faster

Tranquility Weighted Blanket with Removable Cover$70|TargetSEE ON TARGET

When it comes to getting an extra bit of comfort, this weighted blanket delivers big time. It evenly distributes deep-touch pressure across your body, which can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep, too. The gentle pressure also releases calming chemicals in your brain, so you’ll feel a lot less anxious.

30. A Craft Cocktail Set That’ll Turn You Into A Mixologist

Refinery Mixology Tool Set (7-Piece)$20|Bed Bath & BeyondSEE ON BED BATH & BEYOND

Craving a delicious cocktail (or just a stiff drink) while your favorite bar is closed? This craft cocktail set is here for you. The seven-piece set comes with a long-handled spoon, shaker, tongs, muddler, shot glass, strainer, and a mixing glass with six imprinted recipes. Put this to work, and you’ll give seasoned bartenders a run for their money.

31. An Exercise Ball That Will Improve Your Strength And Flexibility

SPRI Stablity Ball$20|TargetSEE ON TARGET

I am a strong advocate for owning a balance ball. It’s the perfect accessory to your daily workouts, as it helps to increase your flexibility while building strength and optimizing balance. The ball’s anti-burst construction can withstand up to 300 pounds, and it comes with a pump for easy inflation.

32. This Kit Will Have You Growing Your Own Herbs In No Time

Buzzy Seeds Herb Garden Grow Kit$18|TargetSEE ON TARGET

Tired of running to the market just to grab some herbs for a recipe? Grow your own at home with this herb garden kit. Each kit comes with four pots and four organic seed packets for growing oregano, rosemary, basil, and cilantro. And since they can be grown indoors our outdoors, you don’t even have to have a yard to to reap the flavorful benefits.

33. The Water Bottle You Can Connect To Your Fitness Apps

Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle$45|TargetSEE ON TARGET

This smart water bottle is absolutely revolutionary. The battery-operated bottle syncs to your favorite fitness apps, so you can track hydration throughout the day. But it gets better — the bottle actually glows to remind you to keep sipping. It’s BPA-free and holds up to 24 ounces.

34. A Light Bulb That Doubles As A Bluetooth Speaker

General Electric LED Speaker Light Bulb$35|TargetSEE ON TARGET

Let’s keep the innovation train going with this light bulb that has a built-in speaker, so you can listen to your favorite tunes in surround sound. Simply connect via Bluetooth and get ready to rock out. You can sync up to 10 bulbs for a full sound experience, and you can control them all with the included remote.

35. The Blanket That You Can Wear As A Sweatshirt

The Comfy Blanket Sweatshirt$40|TargetSEE ON TARGET

I’m not sure there is another article of clothing in the entire world that’s as comfortable as this wearable blanket sweatshirt. It’s essentially an oversized hoodie lined in warm fleece, and it will transform the way you do movie nights at home on the couch. And I have to say — I’m a fan of that front pocket that’s handy for stashing snacks.

36. An Enchanted Coloring Book That Requires You To Solve A Puzzle

Johanna Basford Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest and Coloring Book$10|TargetSEE ON TARGET

This isn’t your typical coloring book — the pages actually take you on a journey through an enchanted forest, and you have to find hidden objects along the way, so that you can solve a coloring puzzle in the pull-out poster at the end of the book. It’s an awesome challenge and a great way to keep your mind stimulated during much needed screen breaks.

37. An Exercise Bar That You Can Mount To Your Doorway

Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro$35|TargetSEE ON TARGET

If you can’t make it to the gym, you can still build your upper body strength, thanks to this pull up bar that fits neatly inside a doorway. It extends up to 33 inches and has multiple gripping options, so you can tailor your workout to your liking. And it’s versatile: You can also use it on the floor for sit-ups and dips.

38. The Magnetic Phone Stand That’s Totally Fuss Free

Scosche Magnetic Phone Stand$20|TargetSEE ON TARGET

Thismagnetic phone stand is as low maintenance as it gets. Instead of having to deal with a clip, all you have to do is affix the magnetic disc to the back of your phone, then place it on the mount to immediately secure it. Made from military-grade metal alloy and stainless steel, it rotates 360 degrees and is perfect for FaceTime and watching videos.

39. A Throwback S’mores Maker That’ll Cheer You Right Up

Nostalgia Microwave S’mores Maker$20|TargetSEE ON TARGET

Fully lean into good old-fashioned nostalgia with this s’mores maker. The flameless heater lets you roast marshmallows, while the compartments on the sides are perfect for storing graham crackers and chocolate. It even comes with two stainless steel forks for roasting — perfect for recreating those campfire nights.

40. The Bath Caddy That Will Elevate Your Routine Soak

Haven Teak Bathtub Caddy$40|Bed Bath & BeyondSEE ON BED BATH & BEYOND

This teak hardwood bath caddy is just the thing you need to take your baths to the next level. It has compartments to store your toiletries, a stand for your tablet or novel, and a drink holder for a mug of tea or glass of wine. The arms are extendable, so the caddy will fit most tubs.

41. This Book That Will Change The Way You Organize Your Home

Marie Kondo The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up$10|TargetSEE ON TARGET

Now is the perfect time to declutter your home and Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up is the greatest tool to help you accomplish that feat. Famous for its “spark joy” approach, the book takes you on an exploration of the Japanese art of decluttering, and guides you along as you make keep-it-or-throw-it decisions.

42. A Wine Filter That Helps Eliminate Unpleasant Side Effects

Pure Wine Wine Filters (10 Pack)$20|The GrommetSEE ON THE GROMMET

This wine filter wand is pure magic: Swirl it around your glass of wine for a few minutes and it’ll remove the histamines and sulfites which have been found to cause congestion, flushing, and headaches. It’s super easy to use and won’t interfere with the flavor of your wine. Each order comes with 10. Now you can get back to enjoying that glass of cabernet.

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