Another flood of books just came off hold from the library

I’ve had a flood of books come off the hold list at the NY Public Library. My default borrowing period is three weeks. That would be more than enough if I was reading a single book but the library has just given me SEVEN (plus an extra)!!

I put items on the hold list for many reasons — because of an excellent review, because it’s being read by someone whose mind I enjoy, because it’s mentioned in a book or play that intrigues me, or because one of my book clubs has chosen it for discussion. Because these are iffy choices, sometimes I don’t always read them all the way thru. Other times, a few pages is enough to show me it’s an “oh dear.” Also (thinking of MacMillan’s restrictions on ebook sales to libraries), I will purchase a few to return to and just read others once.

This is what I recently received:

  • (1) A Rising Man by Abir Mukherjee — a recommendation from Waterstones’ Books in the U.K. (I recommend putting yourself on their email newsletter distribution.) The first of a trio. Already finished. Excellent.
  • (2) American Prison by Shane Bauer — the February 2020 choice of the Now Read This online book club jointly sponsored by PBS and the NYT Book Review. If it’s as dense as I expect, I will probably return it quickly and buy a copy.
  • (3) The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates — his first fiction work. I’ve always found his commentaries and essays compelling and put a hold on this as soon as I heard about it.
  • (4) Eon by Alison Goodman — I believe this sci-fi/fantasy came from a list from Portalist but it might have shown up on Book Riot.
  • (5) Birthday by Meredith Russo — The love of friends weaves thru childhood and transgender changes. Meant for young adults but looks universal.
  • (6) Light Years by James Salter — Highly praised in a play “The Sound Inside” that I saw recently. Altho the performances in the two-person piece were excellent, the play did little for me. But the description of this book made it sound irresistible and very much of a keeper.
  • (7) Collected Poems by Adrienne Rich — just wanted to read these.
  • (8) ) I’m Not Dying with You Tonight by Gilly Segal — The NY Public Library has begun recommending books to be read across the city and then discussed. I’m game altho they’ve not been to my taste so far. [This was not off the hold list. These books are available without limit.]

Altho I’m not receiving many comments or suggestions about what I’m reading, there are enough views to keep writing these lists. So, the book club choices for November and December that I will certainly make every effort to read:

  • November 2019 — The Overstory by Richard Powers — Am about halfway thru this but not rushing as its language and structure to savor. (Now Read This online book club.)
  • 11/6 Exhalation by Ted Chiang — Commented on this earlier. I finished it and may return as it was definitely thought provoking. (Book club where I used to work.)
  • 11/19 The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal — Already finished and far better than you’d expect for being part of a Lady Astronaut series. I now have the full set and am hoping for more. (Sci-fi/fantasy book club downtown.)
  • December 2019 — Circe by Madeline Miller — I tried this in audio before but believe print will work better. (Now Read This online book club.)
  • 12/3 Blindsight (Firefall, Book 1) by Peter Watts — haven’t looked at it yet. (Sci-fi/fantasy book club downtown.)
  • 12/6 “House of Broken Angels” (again). Listened to this before for another book club and looking forward to reading it in print this time. (Book club where I used to work.)

2 thoughts on “Another flood of books just came off hold from the library

  1. Yes, keep posting about books!

    I’ve not read any on your flood of hold releases, except Adrienne Rich. The Overstory is a recent favorite of mine. I didn’t embrace Circe immediately, but it grew on me.

    Liked by 1 person

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