Goldman Sachs may have bought into a gender discrimination case with its Apple Card

This story contains a number of tweets, including a few by Steve Wozniak, that claim that Goldman Sachs has been using methodology to determine credit limits for the Apple Card that is massively skewed against female applicants. The fact patterns presented — of couples in community property states where the wife had a far better credit score — show a definite pattern of providing credit limits to the male partner multiples above those issues to the female partner.

This sort of discrepancy shows bias that’s pretty hard to refute. Goldman’s replies so far are the equivalent of “the decision-making is opaque to us and we don’t know of a problem” and “individuals can apply for a redetermination after six months.” Unfortunately for Goldman these comments, which ooze of arrogance, may be adequate responses in their usual financial world but simply won’t fly in credit card land.

I am anecdotally aware that female applicants, even with excellent credit ratings, have been offered interest rates at the top of the available scale. I expect this additional evidence of gender bias to be discussed generally soon.

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