For those who enjoy statistics, a few about iPhones and Android phones

A survey suggests that 25% of U.S. Apple customers own an Apple TV. — Frankly, that’s higher than I would have thought before it began to be impossible to stream video directly from my TV without an intermediate device. Now, you almost have to own a streaming device as well as your TV, cable box, and blueray player. Welcome to the simple life.

iPhone owners are twice as apt to own a smart watches as Android owners. — That one makes sense to me. Galaxy phones are quite nice if you’re not already locked into the Apple universe but I’ve heard nothing about smart watches in the Android universe — much less one with all the features of an Apple Watch.

55% of all iPhones introduced in the last four years adopted iOS 13 within 30 days of its release. When you check on all iPhones, the figure was still an amazing 50% one month after release. — Apple has one version of its operating software (subject to updates) and makes it trivial to download to all of your devices instantly.

Android’s most recently operating system took nine months to reach a 10% adoption rate. That’s largely a consequence of the hardware producer controlling the modifications to and availability of new Android software. It’s simply a far more fragmented market. Article in Venture Beat dated May 9, 2019 (link won’t copy).

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