Here’s why Costco pizzas taste so good

Unfortunately, several key factors in the always reliable “yum” factor are not reproducible in the home kitchens. But several of the reasons why the pizza tastes great can, and should, be a part of the home kitchen: measuring ingredients consistently and accurately, letting the yeast do its job before rushing the pizza into the oven, and applying high temperatures. (you will have to go here to see the illustrations)

Here’s Why Costco’s Pizzas Taste So Good


November 1, 2019

Although Costco is great for stocking up on practical things, like toiletries, water, and other bulk products to get you through a few weeks, their food court is also an excellent place to pick up pizza. And when you’ve got a craving for a slice of cheesy, saucy goodness with perfectly toasted crust, Costco’s pizza really hits the spot. It’s affordable, convenient, and delicious every time — you really can’t do better.

How is it so reliable? Because there’s a streamlined process behind how they make their pizzas that makes each pie have browned cheese and crispy crust that just makes you drool upon first glance. Costco’s trusty “pizza machine” helps make each pie the same, so you can always count on the right ratio of sauce and toppings and the right texture of the crust. It’s pretty cool — and you can even watch it in action. 

First, they give the pizza dough enough time to rise before pressing it into pies. Then the pizza machine takes charge, where it spreads an even layer of sauce all over the pizza dough. 

Then the toppings! Costco employees weigh out the same exact serving of mozzarella and provolone cheese for every pizza to make sure it’s uniform. Once the toppings are on the pizza, it goes straight into the conveyer-belt ovens, which make sure to heat the pizza from all angles. Each type of pizza gets its own separate belt, so they’re timed exactly the same to be a hard six minutes per pie in the oven.

That’s right — the pizza ovens at Costco can cook a whole, 18-inch pizza in just six minutes. That’s pretty cool!

The last step for perfection? The timing once it’s out of the oven. To make sure the customer is always getting the freshest slice they can get, they make sure to rotate out any pizza that isn’t sold within an hour. They replace with a new pie — so you can always snag a slice or two when you want it. 

Plus, it’s cheaper than going to a pizza shop or restaurant. One slice is just $1.99 and a whole 18-inch pie is $9.99. That’s a STEAL, really. As if you didn’t need more reasons to go to Costco, here’s another one, for sure. 

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