Small change by Amazon will please some Amazon Prime members

Amazon has quietly done away with almost all minimum order restrictions for Amazon Prime members. Have an item you want that only costs 99 cents? You can probably get it without paying shipping.

While I understand the convenience of this, I’m appalled on multiple levels. First, those small, emergency purchases were about the only thing left to the small local retailer. Second, the environmental waste and cost of transporting that one item, not even taking into account its packaging, is horrendous. Third, the $25 or $35 minimum was one of the few disincentives to overspending or even just impulse spending on items the customer didn’t need — an incentive to thoughtless consumption when we should be trying instead to make do, reuse, recycle, or do without.

But Amazon is obviously dedicated to becoming our only source of supply at any cost. For a lengthier discussion, or

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