The smartest domestic cat breed

If you’ve gotten here thru Twitter, Facebook, or Google, you’ve seen one of my favorite pictures of my companions Henry and Ivy, who are both Abyssinians. Anyone has who shares their home with a pet has a magnet for articles about that breed. Abys always show up in the top 5 or 10 most intelligent breeds. This article happens to put them first.

What I enjoy is their personalities: affectionate, curious, alert, always There and their gorgeous ticked fur. Everyone has different preferences but these two fit me. There are photos in the article that have not come thru. Am not going to turn this blog into an appreciation of my animals. You can find photos of them in Facebook if interested.

The smartest cat breed in the world
Abyssinian Cat Shutterstock
By Tom Meisfjord

Ever since cats were invented for that movie trailer so that Taylor Swift could make people uncomfortable, they’ve become surprisingly popular house pets, even surpassing dogs in terms of sheer numbers. Keen hunters, cuddle monsters, and spreaders of a parasite that legitimately warps the brains of their owners, cats make up a gigantic part of many people’s lives. If you’re considering going out and finding a sweet kitty cat of your own, either as a first time owner or, more likely, to add to your already unhealthy stockpile of feline companions who have swiftly become the dominant species in your apartment, you might be wondering if there’s a breed that stands head and shoulders above the rest as the king of the intellectual jungle.

And the smartest cat breed is…
abyssinian Ferenc Isza/Getty Images

Generally speaking, the domestic cat breed that’s considered to be the smartest is the Abyssinian. Named after Abyssinia, the country now known as Ethiopia where some of the earliest show cats from the line were said to have been imported from, this bundle of fuzz is believed to have been brought back from Africa by British soldiers in the 19th century, according to the CFA. Remarkably active and curious, these cats, like the noble velociraptor before them, have been known to figure out how to open doors, and often enjoy the company of dogs more that other cats. With their unusually large ears and cartoonishly giant eyes, they’re also, scientifically speaking, just as cute as a button.

The world’s smartest cat and the price of intelligence
abyssinian Shutterstock

It’s worth mentioning that rank has its privileges, and that as the brain box of the cat world, Abyssinians come with a hefty price tag. The upfront cost varies depending on the breeder and whether or not the kitten you’re scoping out came from a family of, say, professional show animals, but CertaPet currently estimates the dollar amount at between $500 and $1200. Owning a clever pet is neat, but the really smart move is to check your local shelters for one of the innumerable rescue animals looking for a good home at any given time.

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