Is Amazon using its search algorithms to profit rather than to benefit the customer?

Observers have known that there’s a price that’s been paid for Amazon to provide the best prices and products to its customers — everything from the horrible conditions in its warehouses to the pressure placed on suppliers. But Amazon has done an excellent job in the past of positioning those costs as the price to be paid for the customer.

Further, for many years, Amazon incurred huge costs while producing no profits for the stock market and they weren’t hurt by doing so because it was understood that that approach was best for the customer and long-term benefits.

That’s why this article is so disturbing. It describes a world where Amazon may have begun thinking of its own profits first instead of providing unbiased benefits for its millions of customers. For me, the changes are exemplified by the shift from sorting items by highest rated to featured. I’m not alone in not caring at all about what’s featured and caring quite a bit about highest rated.

If this article is true, all of its announcements will have to be viewed skeptically.

WSJ News Exclusive

Amazon Changed Search Algorithm in Ways That Boost Its Own Products

The e-commerce giant overcame internal dissent from engineers and lawyers, people familiar with the move say

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