More than you want to know about Google Chrome — URLs for techies & geeks

As the browser used by two billion people (that’s a “B”), any changes Google makes to Chrome produce ripple effects. Recently Google has been a little too active recently with not all changes benefiting the user. Yes, it is decluttering Chrome and making it easier to remove unwanted features. But it’s also trying to force users into the Google world by forcing them to sign in. Unfortunately, Google is also attempting to unilaterally change the way in which website addresses are put into the address window and, until protests, is allowing advertisers far more access to information than most users would prefer.

A number of these articles are suggesting a prompt exit to Firefox. I’m now running both Chrome and Firefox as the inability to bring back deleted tabs in Firefox keeps me from a permanent move.

I’d love to say the choice is clear. It’s not. Respecting your individual needs, I’m simply listing some key articles here on particular issues that may matter to you.

(1) New warnings about the security of Google Chrome and pushes to Firefox:

(2) Google’s unwanted effort to do away with full website links and the downsides:

(3) Handling extensions in Chrome and Google’s latest efforts to declutter:

(4) Getting rid of other aggravations in Chrome:

Google is decluttering Chrome by killing a bunch of features no one used

(5) The ongoing battle between users and Google over its preference for users signing into Google Chrome:

Google will ditch Chrome’s most controversial feature with its next update



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