Swedes are making major life changes to avoid anything but emergency air travel

This article is eye-opening about the changes to their lives that Swedes are willing to make to avoid air travel and a discussion of why they’re willing to do so. Unfortunately, the article doesn’t copy so you’ll have to click thru.

Certain modern careers are totally reliant on jetting from one location to another throughout the year — and not necessarily places that can be reached by train. Opera singers, professional musicians, and more have to make appearances around the world to feed their careers at the beginning and to maintain them later. And yet, some Swedish performers are literally giving up those careers rather than take multiple transoceanic flights a year.

I do recommend this article to jog your thinking.


Swedes are switching from planes to trains — here’s why

“Flight should be seen as a precious gift, to be used wisely and sparingly, not blown on cheap weekend jaunts,” a climate academic told NBC News.

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