Summer reading recommendations from Bookbub Editors

I always love a list of book recommendations that doesn’t have a single book  I’ve read yet (even if two of them haven’t been released yet).

BookBub Editor Picks: 8 Books I’m Adding to My Reading List in July

Happy July! Some people love July because it’s summer, and summer means BBQs, days by the water, and long hours of sunlight, but I love July because I love fireworks to a ridiculous degree. I cannot, I’ve been told, watch fireworks every day, so I am resorting to one of my next favorite activities: an equally ridiculous amount of reading. There are so many good books coming out this month, both from writers I’ve read and loved, and from debut authors. Here’s a handful of the books I’m for sure adding to my beach bag (and potentially sneaking away to read during my lunch break)!
Every summer I want to lie in the sun and read Nancy Thayer, because I find her books very aspirational. I, too, want to lounge on a beach in Nantucket, drink lots of wine, have a sweeping romance and many heartwarming moments. I do not want my career to crumble and be forced home to confront my past, which is what happens to the protagonist of this book, but I do want to read about it.
I’m incredibly nosy and want to know everything about everyone, especially about everyone’s love lives. One of my favorite podcasts is by Esther Perel, who records her couples’ therapy sessions. This sounds just like that — except without the advice giving part and just a very deep dive into the personal lives of three real women over the years.
I feel like I’ve been waiting for this book for 100 years (though really, it’s only been since I saw the author tweet about it). This pitch is so good — Mulan meets Project Runway? Magic dresses? All I want in my life is to read about girls disguised as boys and magic dresses.
Reading this book felt like an escape to a sun-drenched land, which makes sense, because it’s set in the Bahamas in the 1940s, when an American reporter makes her way into the court of the Duke and Duchesses of Windsor. It’s the perfect beach read — especially because if you read it when you aren’t at the beach, you’ll be wildly jealous of those who are.

I will literally read anything about time travel. And two rival agents in a time war? Yes, please. Yes to all of this. It’s epistolary too, and sounds wildly romantic, so right up my alley.

Release date: July 16

Whitehead’s last novel The Underground Railroad was one of the most impressive books I’ve read in the past few years, and I have have no doubt his upcoming release will be just as powerful. In the 1960s, two boys are sent to a horrible “reform” school (Whitehead bases The Nickel Academy on a real institution) and must endure or escape.

Release date: July 16
Not to be too hipster, but I’ve been reading Jaclyn Moriarty long before the rest of the world was reading Liane Moriarty. (Yes, they are sisters.) Conveniently, she wrote teen novels when I was a teen, and I’m thrilled now that I’m (purportedly) an adult, she’s releasing her first adult novel. It’s about a single mom with a missing brother, a mysterious self-help guidebook, and an invitation to …show more ▼

This book seems like the most adorable thing since some adorable form of sliced bread (strawberries and pound cake?). A woman starts taking dating seriously after her parents give her three months to find a husband – before they do it for her. And I am 100 percent here for it.

Release date: July 23

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