2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup undervalued by everyone except for its audience

I’m pleased that NYC will be giving the team a ticker tape parade at 9:30 this Friday the 12th. The last one was in 2015 when the US team also won the World Cup as costly ticker tape parades are only given in cases of excellence that demands recognition.

Unfortunately, iff you watched the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup and were equally impressed by the quality of the US team, you may be as aggravated as the players are about how they’re underpaid and undervalued. I’m attaching articles that set out the problems, the reasons, and the utter intransigence of FIFA. I find the situation absolutely infuriating even if (or perhaps because) so very typical in gender politics.

To pique your interest, here are five facts: Nike says the US women’s team jersey is the best selling jersey ever. The women’s World Cup team is the most successful ever in the history of the competition while the men’s World Cup team failed even to qualify to compete. The prize money for each member of the team winning the Cup is $200,000 for female winners and $1.1 million for male winners. Altho FIFA just raised the prize money for men and women, the increase actually widened the gap between the amounts paid to men and women. FIFA’s chose the slogan “Dare to Shine” with its implication that the women are not already thoroughly accomplished athletes.

Here is your reading material:

Paraphrasing, this isn’t an issue of equal pay for equal work but equal pay for better work:


History of women’s soccer to get recognition and properly valued plus the amazing
TV numbers for various matches:


Intentional scheduling of two men’s championships on same day as Women’s World Cup to piggyback on its popularity:


Details of the disparity in pay between the men’s and women’s World Cup teams:


Reaction to FIFA’s slogan:


Two positive articles — about Nike’s video supporting the team and Slate’s article praising their accomplishments:



And a proposal for women’s soccer to simply give up on ever seeing the needed changes at FIFA and to establish their own approach:


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