If greenhouse gas emission increases are not stopped SOON, US cities face heat waves (and deaths)

If you’ve read recent stories about the unbelievable heat in India that’s killing hundreds, if not thousand, the US is not insulated from increasing temperatures. We’re just getting them a little later, because we’re further from the equator, our seasonal weather is different (no monsoons and dry periods), and other variables that have protected us a bit. But not for long.


Without swift action on climate change, heat waves could kill thousands in U.S. cities

New study suggests that a marked reduction in greenhouse gas emissions will be needed to limit deaths caused by extreme heat.
Illustration of overheated people standing on hills made of the American flag, smoke stacks billow in the distance.

If the global average temperature rises 3 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels — which some scientists say is likely — a major heat wave could kill almost 6,000 people in New York City. Similar events could kill more than 2,500 in Los Angeles and more than 2,300 in Miami.Jun Cen / for NBC News


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