Live subscription calendar for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup — from Stars & Stripes

I had just posted a plaintive plea for a source for this type of calendar (I was calling it dynamic, rather than live). Fortunately, I did One More Search and found this one. How grand that Stars & Stripes produced it. Thank you!

Follow the 2019 World Cup with this live google calendar

Start scheduling those extra long lunches.

Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

It’s almost time. The 2019 World Cup kicks off in one month on June 7. Whether you’re making the trek to France or sneaking away from work for an extra long “lunch,” you’ll need a calendar to keep track of the approximately 384723 games, particularly during group. Stars & Stripes FC has got you – here’s our World Cup google calendar, which you can sync to your devices or just open in a browser. It includes groupings and stadium locations – let us know if there are any other details you’d like to see included.

Download to sync to your device (calendar is in iCal format)

Open in browser

Times should automatically adjust to your local time zone. Knockout rounds will be updated as soon as teams are known from the previous round



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