Petty aggravation about setting/changing passwords for online periodicals

You might as well profit from me going around in circles for awhile. Before you read further, here’s the link for Conde Nast’s current publications and those no longer being published. Take a look. If you’re subscribed to more than one of these, you need this post. If not, read it for a small tale of internet idiocy.

I have online subscriptions to several periodicals that I consider essentially unrelated: Wired, Vanity Fair, and New Yorker magazine. I’ve subscribed to all but the first for several years and had carefully set up separate passwords for the latter two.

When I took advantage of an inexpensive offer to access more than three articles a month at Wired, I was asked to set up a password for access. I attempt to do so and am told my password is incorrect. Now, I know beyond any doubt that I’ve never subscribed to Wired before but I figure, hey, small glitch. Have them send a link to my email, go thru the Captcha process (crosswalks and traffic lights), and put the new password into my password manager.

Then I see a notice in a small font as I’m about to close the tab that says, in essence “you’ve just changed the password on all Conde Nast publications to which you subscribe.” I think “huh” and, given the consolidations and shuttering of periodicals, check for the most current list of Conde Nast publications. The other two show up.

(And all of these things take TIME even if they’re simple-minded.) I’m sure I won’t remember this linkage of passwords, Conde Nast, and three unrelated periodicals so I go to the other two websites, use the password I set up for Wired, save the change, sign out to be sure I did it right. Done. Now go back to the password manager and make sure all three listings include Conde Nast for future searches and that the same password is listed for all three.

This is why I would absolutely love it if I could (optionally) use my fingerprint to log in from my desktop. I’m no fan of face identification as a log-in but will keep my iPhone 7 Plus until they add Touch ID back to iPhones as well.

Grumble over. These things really do NOT need to be this consuming.

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