Carnival Cruise Lines’s ships about to be banned from US ports

Cruises on lower-priced lines look like very economical ways to get away as they include bed, breakfast, and entertainment. The places the ships visit don’t have the same happiness about cruises as many lines, specifically Carnival here, dump their trash, sewage, and used oil, and provide little local benefit for the places they stop. They also commit other environmental disasters such as running thru coral beds or dropping anchors in them (the coral may not recover for centuries, assuming climate change even permits that).

This judge is tired of Carnival Cruise Lines violating vessel pollution laws even for a reasonable probation period. The solution is to ban these ships from US ports. Carnival is the umbrella for nine other brands including Holland America Line N.V., Cunard, P&O Australia, the Germany-based AIDA and the Seabourn cruises on the Mediterranean. Yes, Carnival can fly its passengers outside the US to begin their cruises but the economics will change.

Since I’ve seen what these ships do to marine parks around small Caribbean islands (as just one example), I say bravo to the judge. Couldn’t happen to nicer folk.

Judge vows to ban polluting cruise ships from U.S. ports

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