Essential “Game of Throne” episodes thru Season 7 if you want to understand the plot

Everyone, and her sister, has been posting articles about which episodes should be rewatched to refresh your memory before Season 8. This is the best one I’ve found so far. Watching these 23 episodes would take up your entire weekend… but how much of an addict are you?

The essential Game of Thrones episodes to watch before season 8

We divided our must-watch episode guide into two lists: one for the plot and one for the shocks.

Game of Thrones season 8 is fast approaching. HBO

Looking for a simple “essential episodes” guide to Game of Thrones before the show returns for its eighth and final season? Not so fast.

Game of Thrones is such a sprawling series that trying to skim-watch your way through it — especially if you’re trying to catch up before season eight premieres on April 14 — isn’t as easy as it might sound.

For one thing, while its fancy high-budget battle scenes and many shocking moments have earned it plenty of buzz and fueled endless fan debates over the years, revisiting them won’t necessarily help you recall the overall plot — and if you’re a newbie, many of them will be hard to care about without the context of who’s who and what’s at stake. As a case in point, Game of Thrones’ single most essential episode, “Rains of Castamere,” is pretty much useless as a way to understand either the show’s overall narrative trajectory or who any of its core characters are.

In other words, not only is there no single episode that will unlock Game of Thrones for you, but plenty of the show’s “must-watch” hours are tough for newcomers to get into. And on the flip side, a lot of the show’s key episodes, in terms of helping you follow the plot, aren’t the ones that have earned all the critical accolades and fan love.

So if you’re looking for a refresher on Game of Thrones’ biggest spectacles and most shocking moments, you’ll need to watch different episodes from someone who’s looking to quickly get up to speed on what’s happening in the story.

To solve this problem, we’ve divided the following list of essential Game of Thrones episodes into two parts: The first part (28 episodes) covers the most important plot developments of the last seven seasons, for anyone who’s completely new to the series or looking to jog their memory before season eight begins. The second part (16 episodes) covers all of the show’s most major “Holy shit!” moments, of which there are plenty. For your convenience, we’ve used asterisks to denote the nine episodes that appear in both parts.

Note: If you’re worried about spoilers, we’ve done our best to stay vague in these episode descriptions, but we make no promises about keeping absolutely every detail under wraps.

The essential episode guide to Game of Thrones — if you want to understand the plot

The mother of dragons. HBO

“Winter Is Coming” — season one, episode one

Why it matters: This is the episode that introduces all of Game of Thrones’ major players, most importantly the Stark family and their relationship to Winterfell, our emotional home base throughout the seasons to come.

** “A Golden Crown” — season one, episode six **

Why it matters: We get to see a few key differences that set one Targaryen apart from other would-be rulers of their line — and we witness one character’s lifesaving quick wits at work.

“You Win or You Die” — season one, episode seven

Why it matters: A few crucial plot developments happen, and we begin to understand how swiftly fates can change on this show.

** “Baelor” — season one, episode nine **

Why it matters: One of Game of Thrones’ most famous episodes culminates in an utterly shocking development, cueing viewers’ realization that A) one character is truly unredeemable, and B) this is a show where traditional bets regarding which characters are “safe” are totally off.

** “Fire and Blood” — season one, episode 10 **

Why it matters: OH SHIT, DRAGONS.

“The North Remembers” — season two, episode one

Why it matters: We’re introduced to two important new characters and their equally important entourages, and continue to observe the ripple effects of “Baelor.”

“The Ghost of Harrenhal” — season two, episode five

Why it matters: A lot of plot happens in “The Ghost of Harrenhal,” and several characters start down long story paths, some of which are still unfolding.

“The Old Gods and the New” — season two, episode six

Why it matters: This plot-heavy episode introduces a major new character and is, in part, crucial to understanding what will turn out to be one of season three’s biggest moments.

** “Blackwater” — season two, episode nine **

Why it matters: One of Game of Thrones’ most acclaimed episodes showcases its first climactic battle scene, while one of the show’s most beloved characters gets to really shine.

“Valar Morghulis” — season two, episode 10

Why It matters: Taking its title from what is now a well-known Game of Thrones catchphrase (which translates to “all men must die”), “Valar Morghulis” sows the seeds of some long-term bitterness for one character, and introduces a long-haul plot point for another.

“And Now His Watch Is Ended” — season three, episode four

Why it matters: The plot ramps up significantly for lots of players, and one major Iron Throne contender gets a major boost in their quest.

“Kissed by Fire” — season three, episode five

Why it matters: This popular episode is major in terms of backstory and insight into one character who’s on a slow, satisfying redemption arc.

“Second Sons” — season three, episode eight

Why it matters: We meet a couple of minor but long-abiding new characters, and we get a bit of crucial insight that sets up the gamechanger of an episode that follows.

** “The Rains of Castamere” — season three, episode nine **

Why it matters: “The Rains of Castamere” is arguably the show’s most brutal, shocking, and genuinely heart-wrenching episode — and it both arises from far-reaching plot ripples and gives rise to even more.

“The Lion and the Rose” — season four, episode two

Why it matters: Written by the creator of the Game of Thrones fantasy universe, George R.R. Martin himself, “The Lion and the Rose” includes one of the show’s most famous (and most eagerly awaited) plot moments. It also offers a bit of a palliative after “The Rains of Castamere.”

“Oathkeeper” — season four, episode four

Why it matters: The aforementioned redemption arc that we saw in “Kissed by Fire” picks up here again as two bonded characters cross paths once more.

“The Laws of God and Men” — season four, episode six

Why it matters: This painful episode gives voice to some of the deep-seated bitterness for one main character that we witnessed in “Valar Morghulis,” while presaging major developments to come.

“The Watchers on the Wall” — season four, episode nine

Why it matters: Another epic battle episode, this one has huge emotional ramifications for two characters.

** “The Children” — season four, episode 10 **

Why it matters: The major shocking plot developments of “The Children” almost overshadow its big, and hugely entertaining, sword-fighting sequence.

** “The Dance of Dragons — season five, episode nine **

Why it matters: One Iron Throne contender’s journey ends with a single horrifying decision.

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“Mother’s Mercy” — season five, episode 10

Why it matters: The sadistic cap to a season characterized by sadism, “Mother’s Mercy” sets in motion a very long revenge cycle and treats us to a hell of a season cliffhanger.

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“Oathbreaker” — season six, episode 3

Why it matters: Even more important than this episode’s resolution of the cliffhanger that ended the previous season is that it finally sets in motion one character’s movement toward their ultimate narrative destiny. We also get some hugely important backstory glimpses that you’ll want to pay attention to.

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“Book of the Stranger” — season six, episode 4

Why it matters: After years apart, two major characters finally reunite with each other and with their beloved home, and it’s as lovely as it sounds.

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“Battle of the Bastards” — season six, episode nine

Why it matters: “Battle of the Bastards” features one of the show’s biggest, critically acclaimed battle scenes, but even more important, it kills someone off who really needed killing.

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** “The Winds of Winter” — season six, episode 10 **

Why it matters: Two different characters exact some seriously brutal revenge for various things that have been in play for several seasons, and it all makes for an unforgettable climax to a strong season. Meanwhile, one of the show’s biggest secrets is revealed.

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“The Queen’s Justice” — season seven, episode three

Why it matters: Game of Thrones is all about serving up long-awaited narrative payoffs, but only alongside painful plot twists. “The Queen’s Justice” is a perfect example, issuing a bittersweet but fitting farewell to one of the show’s best characters. Oh, and two major characters finally meet, in one of the show’s most highly anticipated encounters.

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“Eastwatch” — season seven, episode five

Why it matters: What’s that? A minor character’s casual mention of some boring history minutiae is actually a piece to one of Game of Thrones’ biggest unifying plot puzzles? And you thought you could just kick back and enjoy the dragons this season.

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** “The Dragon and the Wolf” — season seven, episode seven **

Why it matters: This is the season finale that officially sets off Game of Thrones’ shortened eighth and final season, plus a primo asshole finally gets his due — at the hands of two people he tried to divide.

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