Amazon Kindles, however old, are worth cash and trade-in credit

The other day I thought my Amazon Kindle Oasis had died. Since I spend hours using it every day, I was unhappy to say the least. Turned out to be fixable. But this is what I’m doing to get myself a spare.

Amazon accepts trade-ins (working or not) of all versions of its Kindles, from the beginning, except for the latest version of Oasis. Trade-in values range from $5 to $40. They pay return shipping and immediately credit the value to your account.

What’s usually even more valuable is that you also get a credit, good for about two months, of 25% of the value of any new Kindle you buy. If you bought a new Kindle Paperwhite for an average price of $120, that’s a $30 discount. That’s worth searching your drawers and closets for old or broken Kindles. All part of keeping you locked into the Amazon Kindle family, just like Apple locks you into its iPhones. But, if you like the devices, why not?

So, I’m turning in a broken Kindle from 2013. Getting a trade-in of $15 plus that 25% discount. Nice.

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