When CO2 levels get high enough >> no clouds = additional 8 degrees Celsius

A spate of articles recently have been detailing one of the many steps between Earth as it is and something approximating Venus. One of the transitions would be that clouds would no longer form. Since they protect our planet in a variety of ways, including regulating the heat from the sun, no clouds is a Bad Thing. One article has used the hockey stick acceleration of CO2 in the atmosphere to conclude this could happen in less than a hundred years if the CO2 levels continued their current trend to triple during that period.

What difference does it make? Without clouds the average temperatures would go up another 8 degrees Celsius (about 14 degrees Fahrenheit), making many parts of the world literally uninhabitable.

As usual, the details matter. Certainly hotter air retains more water vapor rather than precipitating it for human benefit. And certainly we are doing our best as a planet to increase the greenhouse gas level to critical levels — much of it in the last 30  years. Other equally dire things will be happening at the same time.

We should be stopping the use of fossil fuels tomorrow, planting trees everywhere, reducing meat consumption by 80%, etc. Otherwise the life presently supported by this rather nice planet will be exterminated. But stories like headlines like these are simply more than most people can grasp — which means they reject the entire concept of global warming. Now THAT is dangerous. It’s a fine line to walk.

Here are a few articles that you can glance thru:









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