Does this mean that developers can no longer build higher in NYC by using empty mechanical space?

If you don’t live in Manhattan, you haven’t been blessed with watching the construction of exceedingly tall buildings around the edge of Central Park. Each of them has splendid views of the park BUT they block the sun for extended periods which is unpleasant for park visitors and could eventually affect what will grow there. Central Park is a major stop for birds migrating north and south and has diverse and healthy greenery that is enjoyed every year by millions of people. I am absolutely in favor of buildings that do not interfere with the rights of neighbors to enjoy their lives. Rather reminds me of the city code provisions that mandate that living space have windows and similar rules requiring that construction be reasonable in specific ways.

Permit for Upper West Side’s ‘Tallest Tower’ Rescinded by Department of Buildings

The 775-foot-tall development planned for 50 West 66th is on hold, and possibly squashed for good, after the Department of Buildings announced it was rescinding the building permit it issued to developer Extell Development in November.

The Buildings Department notice says that the mechanical spaces in the building plans do not comply with zoning regulations. Local and citywide politicians have argued that developers use mechanical spaces unfairly to boost the height of their buildings.

“I applaud today’s decision by the Department of Buildings to revoke the permits for Extell’s proposed supertall tower on West 66th Street,” said Borough President Gale Brewer in a statement. “From the beginning, I have opposed the developer’s decision to use a monstrous 160-foot void to boost the number of condos with views—and boost sale prices—while robbing the community of sunlight and air.”

Neighbors and Landmark West have also challenged the building approval, though now it’s not clear if that challenge will be necessary.

The department is giving the developers 15 days from January 14 to respond to the notice and give the city a reason why the permit should not be revoked. In the meantime the building permit has been rescinded.

Extell did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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