Apple Watch’s Activity Rings truly do motivate

I can certainly vouch for the somewhat surprising motivational impact of the Activity Rings on Apple Watches. Am not a particularly athletic person but thoroughly enjoy the closing of a ring, whether it’s for standing, high levels of activity, or simply moving more than a couch potato. It’ll be a study for someone how one graphic on a watch can be so motivational

Apple Watches also allows you, but does not require you to, share your results with a friend. A very energetic woman I know amazes me with her accomplishments. But we each (optionally) congratulate each other when we have upped our achievements, from whatever level. Maybe this is just a variation on being more likely to walk every day if you do it with a buddy, but it works.

Apple now offers monthly goals that are highly individualized. Her monthly goal one month would have been impossible for me, but she worked toward it, triumphing on the last day of the month. My watch knows that I’m not able to move around much but suggested a goal last month that required me to stretch but was achievable. The suggested goal this month has the same attributes. Because the goals are numerical, it’s also possible to gauge your progress over the month.

I realize other fitness watches allow the wearer to track accomplishments and to share them, but I believe Apple’s flexibility and creativity are unique. This is a fun story with Apple’s efforts to market the Apple Watch with more individual stories from users who find the Activity Rings motivational.


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