Every ticket issuer should use mobile ticketing

Years after Apple Wallet was first made available, Telecharge and Public Theater of NYC now offer mobile tickets with NO PRINTING REQUIRED. Thank you thank you. All technology and I get along except for my printer. I bow in gratitude. The NY Philharmonic and Fandango (movies) made this available years ago. Now it’s time for Carnegie Hall and Ticketmaster to do likewise.

Ticketmaster (“Hamilton” and other top shows) tickets are notoriously annoying. If you print from a smartphone, as many do, the ticket prints useless characters rather than the location of the seat, price, etc. Because I’m often printing at the last moment to avoid misplacing it, I often wind up calling for help — that simply should not be necessary. Use mobile tickets please: PDFs or mobile tickets that use Apple Wallet. It’s long past time.

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