How I listen to music at home

I have two ancient (20 plus years old) Bose CD/radios that were made well below bluetooth. So I’ve gotten adapters for each, one of which works well but has been discontinued, the other works less well but is still available. Occasionally I play CDs but generally I listen to the radio — but not local stations.

My approach is to use the TuneIn Pro app as a funnel for listening to radio stations. In the Apple App Store there are two iTunes Pro apps. You need the second one listed — the one that does Not mention the NFL.  You can verify it’s the correct one by clicking on the three dots to the right in the store. If it includes the ability to gift the app,  you’re buying the right one. TuneIn Pro without sports costs $10 (once), while the one with sports is “free” but immediately wants you to agree to a monthly subscription.

The virtue of this app is that you can collect all of your radio stations in one place without having to go thru a browser with bookmarks.  Furthermore, you can listen to those stations anywhere in the world. Once you’ve listened to a station, it will show up in recent or in favorites if you tap the heart. Listening to anything or switching stations becomes trivial.

If I want to listen instead either to my own playlist or a playlist put together by Apple or new music, I use Apple Music which can also be played thru the bluetooth adapter thru the Boses.  There I listen to show music, rhythm and blues, pop, Motown, country, chill or mellow music, easy listening, particular types of jazz or classical music, and anything else that comes to mind.

Usually tho, I listen to viewer-supported WBJC, 91.5, originating at a Baltimore community college, which is the best classical music station I’ve ever found. They play from their own deep library, the American Public Media show Classical 24 late at night, the weekly hour-long shows from various orchestras. I like their variety and the deep knowledge of their people.

The top stations I listen to otherwise are:

  • WQXR, 105.9, NYC classical station that does a lot more repeating of the standards than WBJC but it’s a good backup
  • Any station that’s part of Minnesota Public Radio, and American Public Media
  • WKCR, 89.9, Columbia University in NYC, with somewhat random programming. Its main interest for me is that it has an annual 24-hour Bach festival from 12/24 thru 12/31 every year
  • WBGO, 88.3, upper NJ but refers to itself as NYC — finest jazz station as artists often stop by to select what’s to be played or to be interviewed — also reminds me of who’s appearing where right now
  • KLASSIK Radio, all Bach, in Germany
  • WNYC, 89.3, NYC, NPR

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