How to wrap a present when you have a cat

“How To Wrap A Present When You Have A Cat” (8 Pics)

“I had another former feral, named Sylvia, who sadly passed away last year,” Nick said. “She was a tortoise shell cat with 3 legs. I adopted both of them at the same time about 4 years ago. Sylvia had some serious tortitude… but she was a loyal and loving cat. I miss her every day.”

“Minnie is the sweetest and most talkative cat I had ever met. She’s very playful and everyone who meets her just falls in love. She’s also very mischievous… and the inspiration for my comics! We always catch her trying to open cabinets, knock things off of tables, and she even climbed our Christmas tree this year.”

“She’s also is a little famous on YouTube, with her ‘Ya Hungry?‘ video compilation with over 4 million views.”

“I’ve always enjoyed drawing doodles, and I decided to start drawing my cat as a comic about two years ago,” the artist added.” He even self-published his first comic book on Amazon, ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, As Told By The Cat last year.”

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