Want to watch the Mummers Parade in Philadelphia on New Year’s?

During key years of my childhood, we sat down and watched the Mummers Parade faithfully every year. 8 Hours of Mummers. Then I moved, and a change in available TV replaced it with the Tournament of Roses Parade — a very different, and far more sedate, affair. This is the info for the New Year’s Day 2018 parade, but you can update it later. In the meantime, here’s an intro for those who have never seen a MUMMER.

Where’s the Mummers Web Stream and other Frequently Asked Mummers 2018 Questions

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Tis the season that we get lots and lots of Mummers Questions. So, we’ve made this handy FAQ. Enjoy and Happy New Year.

Where can I find the Live Mummers Stream?

On January 1 beginning at 9am EST, you can use this link to web stream the entire Mummers Parade live from Philadelphia.  (NOTE: Internet Explorer is no longer compatible with our stream.  Please use a different browser).  Then beginning at 8pm EST you can use that same link to stream the Fancy Brigade from the Conventions center.  NEW for 2018, we will also stream portions of the parade on FACEBOOK LIVE. You can find the PHL17 Facebook here.

Where can I watch the Mummers on TV?

Those of you in the Philadelphia Market can watch the parade on PHL17.

New Year’s Day Program Schedule
4:30 AM – PHL17 Morning News
6:00 AM – Morning Dose.
8:00 AM – SugarHouse Casino Breakfast with the Mummers
9:30 AM – 2018 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade
5:00 PM – Daily Mail TV
5:30 PM – Friends
6:00 PM – The Goldbergs
6:30 PM – The Big Bang Theory
7:00 PM – The Big Bang Theory
7:30 PM – The Goldbergs
8:00 PM – Live String Band Results
8:05 PM – SugarHouse Casino Fancy Brigade Finale
10:00 PM – Action News at 10 on PHL17

What is a Mummer?

We’re glad you asked!  Use this link for a very comprehensive answer from “Voice of the Mummers” Steve Highsmith.

What is the Mummers Order of March for 2018?

You can find the Mummers Parade Order of March here

What is the Mummers Parade Route for 2018?


Can I get the Mummers Brochure you hand out on parade day to the crowd?

Of course you can, with this link.

Who is the Mummers Parade title sponsor?

SugarHouse Casino is the title sponsor of the Mummers Parade. That’s why we call it the SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade. Without sponsors it would be very difficult to put a parade of this length on TV.

Who participates in the Mummers Parade?

The Mummers are comprised of groups that have different divisions; Comics, Wench Brigades, Fancys, Fancy Brigades and String Bands. You can learn more about them all here.

String Bands: Aqua String BandAvalon String BandBroomall String BandDuffy String BandDurning String BandFerko String BandFralinger String BandGreater Kensington String BandGreater Overbrook String BandHegeman String BandPennsport String BandPolish American String BandQuaker City String BandSouth Philadelphia String BandUptown String BandWoodland String Band.

Fancy Brigades: 2nd Street Shooters Fancy BrigadeAvenuers Fancy BrigadeClevemore Fancy BrigadeDowntowners Fancy BrigadeGolden Crown Fancy BrigadeJokers Fancy BrigadeSatin Slipper Fancy BrigadeSaturnalian Fancy BrigadeShooting Stars Fancy BrigadeSouth Philly Vikings Fancy BrigadeSpartans Fancy Brigade

Fancy Division: Golden Sunrise

Comic Division: Goodtimers Comic ClubMurray Comic ClubLandi Comic Club

Wench Brigades: Bryson Wench BrigadeCara Liom Wench BrigadeFroggy Carr Wench BrigadeO’Malley Wench BrigadeOregon Wench BrigadePirates Wench BrigadeRiverfront Wench BrigadeSaints Wench Brigade

Why did you cut my groups performance?

It is never our intention to cut any part of the parade. But given that the parade is over 8 hours, it does happen from time to time. We know how hard every group works and we do make sure that all the Mummers are archived on our web on January 1.

Who are all those people in the shots that are not Mummers?

To those of us that watch on TV, the Mummers are a parade. But at its core, Mummers is a hobby parade with divisions, prizes and judges. Some of those judges get into the shots as they are looking at fine detail.

What can I do on my end to ensure a strong Web Stream?

Make sure your browse/operating system is up to date, clear your browser of cookies and temp internet files, turn off devices that may compete for bandwidth. It’s also helpful to reboot your system if you have not rebooted in a while.  Do not use Internet Explorer as it’s no longer compatible with our stream.  If you have been streaming for a long time and experience buffering problems, try refreshing.  NEW for 2018, we will also stream portions of the parade on FACEBOOK LIVE. You can find the PHL17 Facebook here.

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