Buy Reese Witherspoon’s book in Kindle format, not on paper

Reese Witherspoon, a Renaissance woman of many talents, has written a book on many topics titled “Whiskey in a Teacup.”  And, if you want to own it, you should buy it in Kindle format, not paper. I’ve sometimes said the reverse (for example, for books with lots of charts or photos), but this is the first time I’ve pushed anyone to buy Kindle instead of paper.

Why? Because Reese has so many different font sizes, color combinations, and topics in her book, that it can be busy for young eyes and unreadable for us older folk. She talks about everything from recipes to family stories to how to make hot rollers work well to set out playlists for different road trips. Reese is fascinating on almost everything she chooses to discuss and she folds all of the topics together. Each subject is largely differentiated by a different type face, blocking on the page, and color. It’s very well done, no doubt, but that’s where the Kindle formatting enters.

Buying the book or taking it from the library (remember the Libby app?) for your Kindle or Kindle app allows you to set the font and font size for whatever you’re reading to something that’s totally clear for Your eyes. Since the book lends itself to the reader jumping around to follow a topic, the Kindle version allows you to instantly change the look of what you’re reading as necessary.

Moreover, getting a book this complex and full of good stuff in Kindle format allows you to take advantage of the searching options that only come with a software-driven device. If you remember reading about a specific recipe, the Kindle software will allow you not only to find the recipe but to find any cross-references to that recipe no matter where they are in the book. This process is essentially transparent and doesn’t interfere with your enjoyment of the book. Indexes work fine for books containing nothing but recipes but what if you’re looking for a story about her grandmother than you remember or a discussion of holiday decorating? Using a Kindle copy will make your life much easier.

Altho I prefer a Kindle to read almost all fiction and quite a bit of nonfiction, it’s a personal preference and I understand that many people like the feel of paper and other features of books so ordinarily I don’t nudge too strongly. But this would be a great book to try in a Kindle app (if you don’t want to jump for a Kindle). Try it at least for this book. Thanks.

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