Links about Michelle Obama, her new blockbuster, and guesses about her future

Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming” is already a huge best seller. I’m enjoying the book, of course, but also the wide variety of perspectives in the articles about the book, the author, the tour, and her relationship with our former President. What continues to impress me is how incredibly capable she is and what she voluntarily gave up so that her husband could be President. At least it’s clear that Barack Obama understands and values the trade-offs she made. Now to see what happens next. She’s still young.

The Inadequacy of Hope

Michelle Obama left her job so her husband could be president. Now it’s her turn to shine.

Michelle Obama’s Carefully Scrubbed Memoir

Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ is the bestselling book of 2018 after just 15 days

Barack and Michelle Obama’s Love Story Isn’t What You Thought It Was—It’s Even Better

Michelle Obama tells the story of ‘Becoming’ herself — and the struggle to hang on

13 Photos Of Barack & Michelle Obama In Love & Serving Up Relationship Goals



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