If your cat ever needs the “cone of shame,” mine likes this better

I have Abyssinian cats and their ears, as you can see, are a bit larger than the usual. The clear plastic cones of shame confine their heads uncomfortably. I finally found their efforts to take them off unbearable. I found a great alternative on Amazon: BSMTech Recovery Soft Collar for Cats,Clear Soft Adjustable Comfortable E-collar for Surgery Grooming,Protect Cat Pet Neck without Blocking Vision (M) $10.99 ($9.99 for the (S) size).


Henry is a long, lean cat and weighs about ten pounds.  Size medium is on the left and size small is on the right. The cat photo in the listing shows the bow and more decorated side away from the face, and a fabric flow from the neck toward the neck, like an ordinary collar. Further, you can see binding that produces a nice white bow in the advertisement which is on the outside of the cone, but accessible to cat claws reaching behind the neck.

Altho I’m not usually a 3-D thinker, I changed the way my cats wear this. I turned the cone right side toward the body. This protects the bow from being disassembled by the cat and also gives the cat illusion of freedom because the head isn’t confined. If the problem you’re avoiding is the cat scratching its ear, this may or may not work depending on the feline’s agility. But it’s perfect if you’re trying, as I am, to keep Henry from licking his torso while also keeping his ears from being confined.

The only downside I’ve seen with these is that they do pick up dust and dirt, and the large one (like a plastic cone) can dip into the drinking water so I found it helpful to have spares to use while one was being washed.

And because everyone posts appropriate caveats, I bought these with my own cash and was not given them for review nor have I received any compensation for this posting.

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