Maybe iPads can run Mac iOS software after all — and two work-arounds

A pet peeve of mine about using an iPad for office work is Apple’s intentional division of software between iPads (apps) and Macs (software that can be far more complex). This story pleased me no end with its story of an Apple geek who figured out to combine the two. Admittedly, there are kinks and Apple probably won’t cooperate. But wouldn’t it be nice?

Another annoyance is that attempting to work around using apps by going to the internet is often thwarted by Safari opening the mobile version of the website rather than the desktop version you want. A friend tells me (and he’s almost Always right) that opening the sites in Chrome often produces the desktop view. I use Chrome on my computer but just never bothered doing so on the iPad. Change is coming.

Finally, Dennis Sellers at AppleWorld.Today provides clear directions for using iOS 12 on an iPad with Apple Pencil to scan and sign a document. I knew the process for doing this with an iPhone but haven’t spent enough time with the iPad to learn the process there.

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