Getting rid of plastic in my home

It’s funny odd, rather than funny ha-ha, the areas of my daily life where I’ve been consciously green before. I began using recycled content paper for my printer and my bathroom and always carry a refillable water bottle to avoid purchasing water or soda in plastic. I even buy nightwear that’s primarily bamboo. All of that’s fine but it’s just a start. It’s time for me to be mindful in all areas of my life.

I wrote a few days ago about replacing plastic-based sponges, brushes, and other scrubbers in the kitchen with products that can either be recycled or, better yet, composted. As I run out of the stash of plastic I currently have, I’ll do that. Was glad to be reminded that those products exist.

Now I’ve moved into the bathroom where I have plastic bottles for body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, face scrub, face moisturizer, etc. Never occurred to me that there was an option to buy these basics without plastic. I’ve used Ivory or Dial soap instead of body wash, but who knew that shampoo also comes in bar format. Apparently there are lots of cosmetic/personal products that don’t ever touch a plastic bottle. As I run out of what I have, I’ll need to check Vermont Country Store and others for non–plastic alternatives.

And yes, I know there are stores that have made a business of selling their products in refillable bottles — but do you know anyone who actually goes back to the store for the refills?

I’ve put a lot of time and effort into picking products that have a long life, are made of recycled material, or that can be recycled. Maybe it’s time to buy products that simply eventually turn to nothing but air. (That does Not include wool items that turn into air because of moths.)

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