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Just received this wonderful email with news of an exhibit at Grand Central Terminal and benefits for the Municipal Arts Society of New York if you buy their GCT fabric.
If you’’ve ever been to Grand Central Terminal, you know that it is one of the city’’s crowning jewels and if you’re anything like me, you marvel at it’s beauty every time you go. This year GCT is celebrating “40 Years Renewed, 20 Years Restored.” It’s hard to believe that only 40 years ago, this treasure was was almost destroyed. It took the devoted efforts of the Municipal Arts Society of NY and Jacqueline Onassis to stop that from happening and together they managed to raise enough money to restore it to its former glory.
In honor of this anniversary, for the next month, The City Quilter will donate $1.00 for every yard sold of our Grand Central Terminal fabric to the Municipal Arts Society of New York. Please also know that we continue to be a licensee of the MTA for use of the GCT name and images used in the design of our fabrics. Yardage is available on 3 prints, Grand Central beigeGCT Constellations beige, and GCT Constellations aqua.


Or you can buy one of our iconic Grand Central Pillowcase Kits or Grand Central FQ Bundles:


If you are a long time City Quilter follower, you might remember the challenge we ran in association with American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine using our Grand Central prints to celebrate the Terminal’s 100 year anniversary. Here is a link to our GCT Centennial Quilt Challenge photo gallery. If you’ve never seen these quilts before, prepare to be wowed.
On another topic, for those of you with sewing machines capable of embroidery, we have a special treat for you. All of our machine embroidery CD’s are 50% off. If you’ve never taken your embroidery unit out of its box, this is a great time to get started or if you’re more experienced, to experiment with different kinds of projects.
We have a pretty good selection but be advised that we only have 1 copy of the some of these CD’s, so the early bird gets the worm!
PS-Our NYC phone number remains the same as always.
The City Quilter

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