23 Tweets non-cat-owners will never understand


23 Tweets Non-Cat Owners Will Never BEGIN To Understand

If you’ve never had a cat, this list is NOT for you.

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1. The feeling when you just want to do some work but your cat disagrees:

clarissa horowitz@clarissaness

Trying to work with cats around can be challenging

2. The feeling when your cat screams for no reason:

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

corgi queen@baz00per

she’s been screaming at these water droplets for 3 fucking minutes get out of the shower you tiny moron

3. The feeling when your cat completes a goal you don’t understand:

4. The feeling when you prank your cat but end up feeling bad about it:

Embedded video


My cat had her tail over my bath water and this happened… I feel like an awful cat mom for laughing so much xD

5. The feeling when your cat demands food but you’ve already fed him:

6. The feeling when your cat fucks some shit up:


1. how did he do this
2. why did he do this

7. The feeling when your cat disobeys you but is still cute as heck:

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mama pasta@_sophocles_

merry Christmas here’s my cat getting busted for taking a cinnamon roll 2 seconds after we told him no

8. The feeling when your cat makes a discovery on his own:


my cat figured out how the fridge works and now he’s turnt on fresh, crisp water

9. The feeling when you never have enough photos of your cat:

10. The feeling when your cat doesn’t care if he’s in your way:

Mr. Drinks On Me@Mr_DrinksOnMe

My friend’s cat is out here trying to collect some insurance money.

11. The feeling when your cat has an unfortunate vet visit:

Andy Cole@AndyCole84

WIFE: the cat just got back from the vet
W: He’s very sensitive about his appearance, so please dont laugh at him
M: how bad could it be

12. The feeling when your cat makes that sound — you know the one:

barry burrito 🌯@barold_burrito

the little ‘prrp’ sound cats make when they jump up onto things, rt if you agree

13. The feeling when your cats are playing together:

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My cats keep pushing each other in my trash can

14. The feeling when your two cats don’t get along:

allie oetken@allieoets

our cats had a fight and my parents are trying to make them resolve it lol

15. The feeling when your cats love each other just as much as you love them:

16. The feeling when you want your cat to have a special meal:

(Don't worry; he didn't feed the cat any chocolate.)

Twitter: @ChaserStout

(Don’t worry; he didn’t feed the cat any chocolate.)

17. The feeling when your cat ruins your best-laid plans:

Embedded video

young G 🐍🐍🐍@JaretteNicole

Stupid ass cat jumped in my video I gotta re do 🙄

18. The feeling when your cat steals your food but is still cute as heck:

Margaret Middleton@magmidd

The photojournalist’s dilemma: save your girlfriend’s pasta or get the shot of a lifetime?

19. The feeling when you realize your cat knows how to attack:

Embedded video


I LIVE WITH A TINY PREDATOR (sorry for my shriek)

20. The feeling when your cat is a total babe magnet:

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter


I made my kitten a sweater so he wouldn’t get chilly with the A/C on and now he thinks he’s a stud

21. The feeling when you suspect your cat is a powerful creature:

22. The feeling when you spoil the heck out of your cat:

Liz Buckley@liz_buckley

Sometimes I wonder if I spoil the cat, seeing him with his iPad, in his yurt.

23. The feeling when you don’t care where your cat came from, you love her more than anything:

Your Average Kaycee ★@vanillavial

Dog owners: this is my precious angel boy who I payed $3,000 for last November and I finally got to take him today he’s my everything and all
Cat owners: this is my trash gremlin she was stuck in the gutter across the street and I lured her out with shrimp on a string

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