Kindle quirks if you want to listen to Audible books on a Kindle thru Bluetooth speakers

I had questions related to my Kindles that were sufficiently complex that I had the honor to talk to a live person in their technical department. That doesn’t  happen often so I asked three questions that have been bugging me.

(1) Selected Amazon Kindle devices require you to use a BlueTooth speaker to listen to Audible books loaded onto the Kindle. AirPods will not show up as available BlueTooth speakers as they are designed to work only with Apple products.

(2) If a BlueTooth speaker is needed for you to listen to an Audible item on your Kindle, the options listed as available can be difficult to identify. Also, if you use an adapter, e.g., a Bose BlueTooth adapter to turn a radio into a Bluetooth speaker, the adapter (but not the radio) will appear on your list of possibilities, but only on Kindles with cellular capability. It you see the adapter on the list, you can listen to your item on that radio. Fair warning you may see your neighbors’ BlueTooth speakers in your list.

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