Item 7: what I plan to do to help #savetheplanet

Plastic is becoming a greater problem every day. Chinese accepted much of our country’s trash for decades but has turned that spigot off. Nobody is willing to take on that burden. Unfortunately, a large chunk of the plastic produced has, whether in small pellets or in full size, entered our fresh water and ocean, contributing to the large areas that are essentially deserts devoid of life, much less life that could be harvested for food.


Limit the use of plastic wherever possible in areas other than food. The one that drives most environmentalists nuts is water bottles — and for good reason. Read any article about the volume of empty bottles in land fills and the ocean.

I’ve switched to stainless water bottles that work very well. They’re a bit expensive to start but they last for a lifetime. The aluminum alternatives don’t maintain cold or hot as well and they also sweat, but either metal is infinitely better than single use plastic bottles. There’s not a thing wrong with buying them used or on eBay. I’m not a fan of reusable plastic bottles for a variety or reasons.

I haven’t purchased water in plastic for as long as I can remember, but I still occasionally buy a cold one-serving bottle of soda. Ideally, I should stop drinking soda altogether for health reasons, even if purchased in 2-liter bottles. That step would be very difficult for me as I inhale the stuff and it’s essentially my only standard vice (rare drinker, no drugs, etc).

Amazon often offers options for low-waste or low-plastic packaging. I need to be more alert for that as well.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

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