Stainless water bottles are pricey to begin with, but work beautifully to keep cold water always on hand

Understanding that the stainless steel bottles sold by S’well are initially expensive (but last forever and replace infinite numbers of plastic bottles), this company is doing quite a bit of charitable outreach. Here’s one program that gave one of their bottles to every public school student in NYC:

This is Not an ad. I’m just a purchaser of their bottles. I’ve used aluminum water bottles, often from Sigg because of their designs, but stainless bottles are an improvement IF they’re affordable for you (do check eBay or thrift stores). They keep hot liquids hot for 12 hours and cold liquids cold for 24. Better yet, they don’t sweat. Since I carry my bottle in my purse with things that don’t like to get wet, that’s been a big sales pitch.

There are other brands of stainless steel bottles. Check Amazon. I just happen to like S’well designs, business model, and features. Here’s a link to their website:

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