Fun — Barnes & Noble told the Washington Post who purchases books about President Trump

Courtesy of Barnes & Noble

Make America Read Again. Barnes & Noble confirmed what we all know: Political books are hot. For instance, on its first day, Bob Woodward’s “Fear” sold more than one copy per second at B&N. The bookstore chain reported that overall sales of books about politics have jumped 57 percent this year compared to last year. B&N also released a map (above) that illustrates where people tend to buy books that are critical or favorable toward Donald Trump. “The states that were most likely to buy books supporting President Trump were Texas, Florida and North Carolina,” according to a B&N statement released this week. “The states most likely to buy books critical of the President were New York, California and Massachusetts.” Curiously, five states demonstrated book-buying preferences that run counter to their votes during the 2016 presidential election: Nevada, New Hampshire, Colorado, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Are those the most open-minded states, or are readers in those states not voting as much? Maybe we’ll find out on Nov. 6.

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