Item 2: what I plan to do to help #savetheplanet

I currently buy most of my groceries online from a local company FreshDirect that delivers within a 2-hour window if you place your order by 11pm the previous night. They’ve recently switched from delivering in boxes to using large plastic bags with rectangular bottoms and handles that can be reused probably hundreds of times. There are some items that grocer doesn’t offer and I walk to the nearby grocer to buy those. I always carry a washable and reusable rip-stop nylon bag from Baggu (or two of them) so that I never take home plastic bags. I do ask friends who do take plastic bags to pass them on to me for trash and bagging items for recycling.

Here are my thoughts on changing:


Find alternatives for food items that I receive in hard plastic containers from FreshDirect. That includes salads, soups, fish, berries, and other items. Shopping locally doesn’t solve that problem. Produce can be purchased in thin plastic bags or, at green markets, by placing items directly into my own reusable bag, but soup, salad and fish? Are there reusable containers the grocery stores will accept? Is the choice to make everything from scratch? Not sure. I’ve been telling myself that composting at the local green market is a partial offset. Sure it is, but not enough. On the other hand, reading the memoir by the family that went totally green was beyond depressing.

FOLLOW-UP: Turns out that I’m more fortunate than I knew. First, FreshDirect’s plastic containers are recyclable, I verified with them that the four types I receive — for berries, a set of four apples, soup, and prepared foods — can all be recycled. Second, NYC has a very efficient and complete processing of the recycled items that are picked up. NYC residents are required by law to separate their trash and compliance is high. So it’s only the plastic films and lightweight bags that are a problem while I’m in NYC (since I don’t accept plastic bags to contain my purchases). When I travel, it’s an entirely different story so this is still a caution.

All comments and suggestions welcome.

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