Item 1: what I plan to do to help #savetheplanet

One of the few hopeful tidbits in the recent IPCC report ( is that individuals do indeed have a role to play, beyond voting for politicians willing to make the unpopular moves required. The IPCC wants us to look at three categories beyond voting: transportation, buildings, diet. I’ve been muttering at myself about what I can and should do. This is essentially my progress report.
One of the many reasons I chose to move from the suburbs to the city was to have a smaller carbon footprint by living in less space and switching from a personal vehicle to walking and public transportation. So far, so good, but no longer enough. I need and want to do far more than I have so far beyond my comfortable level of volunteer activism. It’s all very well to claim to be concerned about the planet and its future but it’s time to take steps that will be personally uncomfortable or restrictive.
I’ve put together a list of ten ways I can change to help save the planet. Here’s the first:
Fly only where there is no greener way to get there. I usually ride Amtrak rather than fly, but I’ve been unwilling to take long (8-12 hour) bus rides if I can fly there in 3-4 hours. I need to accept a bit of delay and discomfort. If I go overseas, I need to check out the option to travel by boat rather than plane. If I must fly, participate in the airline’s carbon offset program. The IPCC suggests we also simply travel less. I’m fortunate in having already taken most of the long trips I dreamed about so that wouldn’t be a difficult change.
All comments and suggestions welcome.

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