A sci-fi/fantasy book to catch [Likely the inspiration for the movie “Avatar”]

An email from Portalist sent me off to read “Midworld” — likely the inspiration for the amazing 3-D movie “Avatar.” I don’t think I will ever forget the thrill of the helicopter rounding into the land of full-height islands floating in the air. Have always regretted that I will only go to another planet with life if one of the molecules from my body makes it millennia (or more) from now. That one money shot gave me the feeling of being there on an alien but beautiful world.

Portalist’s description of Alan Dean Foster’s sci-fi/fantasy novel reads as follows:

“For centuries, the indigenous inhabitants of the lush jungle planet Midworld have existed symbiotically with nature, treating plants and animals as their equals. Alien, but human-like, they live among the many layers of dense canopy—bonded to photosynthetic familiars called “furcots.” But when two Earth explorers crash-land in the jungle underbrush, the happy balance of Midworld may be destroyed forever.
Our hero, Born, is an adventurous inhabitant of Midworld. Believing that the new Earthling arrivals are simply interested in learning more about his planet, Born decides to show them the lay of the land. But he soon realizes that his new human companions aren’t as innocent as they seem—in fact, their ulterior motives could destroy Midworld’s ecosystem entirely. Suddenly, Born is left to decide whether he will help them in their quest, or fight his new friends for the sake of the home he loves.

Believed by some to have inspired the hit movie AvatarMidworld transports readers to an exotic, beautiful planet—and explores the impact human greed has on paradise. From the unparalleled mind of #1 New York Times bestselling author Alan Dean Foster comes an unforgettable story about conservation and colonialism, set against the backdrop of an unforgettable world.

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