Offshore Drilling and CPV Power Plant, LTE to Times Herald-Record, published May 14, 2018

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On Monday, Gov. Cuomo set out proposed legislation to fight an expansion in offshore drilling and even suggested sending out a citizen flotilla to stop any projects. These proposals looked good (and even entertaining) on the surface, giving him the aura of someone who cares about fossil fuel production and use in New York. But actions speak louder than words, and what the governor has done proves he simply doesn’t care enough to act where it counts.

Gov. Cuomo has had many major opportunities to take critical steps to move away from fossil fuels and failed to step up. Perhaps most prominently, he has refused to revoke permits granted for the toxic Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) fracked-gas fueled power plant. In March, a criminal court concluded that the criminal conduct of one of the governor’s tap staffers (and family friend) resulted in the approval of the plant. CPV is still in the testing stage prior to full operation and pipelines for this dangerous fuel are still being laid. But Cuomo has failed to act.

It was easy for Cuomo to present solutions to an unlikely federal drilling expansion. But faced with current, large projects that have a huge potential for damaging health and property through huge swaths of New York, the governor continues to be silent. The governor needs to prove himself a supporter of renewable energy by his actions, and he should start by shutting down the CPV power plant.

NOTE: As a volunteer for Food and Water Watch , I’ve been submitting letters to the editor on its behalf on current issues. This is one that was published.

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