For sci-fi, try this Amazon Kindle Unlimited series: Kurtherian Gambit by Michael Anderle

The first 50 pages may strike you as slow, but then it picks up speed. This is pure action with a cast that increases in diversity and intensity with each of the 21 books in the series. I have fallen in love with the quirkiness of some of the characters who appear only rarely while the top people are amazing. Remember, you’re not paying anything extra for this being an extended story — it’s all under Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program.

(By the way, I have this series classified as Sci-Fi/Fantasy but also as Tough Broad in the Barbara Stanwyck sense of hard-boiled, capable women who can do Anything. That’s Bethany Ann. Here’s the reading order:

(1) Death Becomes Her

(2) Queen Bitch

(3) Love Lost

(4) Bite This

(5) Never Forsaken

(6) Under My Heel

(7) Kneel or Die

(8) We Will Build

(9) It’s Hell to Choose

(10) Release the Dogs of War

(11) Sued for Peace

(12) We Have Contact

(13) My Ride Is a Bitch

(14) Don’t Cross This Line

(15) Never Submit

(16) Never Surrender

(17) Forever Defend

(18) Might Makes Right

(19) Ahead Full

(20) Capture Death

(21) Life Goes On

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