Discounted “Great on Kindle” Books

Update as of September 22, 2018: Tonight this group of books was expanded (doubled?) and emphasized as a Kindle option. My guess is that they tested the concept with a small group and have decided to let it rip after seeing the response. Bravo. Just hope it doesn’t lose its focus.


One of the more elusive very nice discounts on  Kindle books is available only for 49 select books in just five genres: Business & Investing; Health, Mind & Body, History; Religion & Spirituality; and Biographies & Memoirs. It used to take a while to find the Great on Kindle books as they are not separately listed as a Department nor in the menus on the left side of the Kindle department. Fortunately, the web designers have allowed the phrase “Great on Kindle” to bring up a link to the correct page.

Instead it’s easiest to simply be aware of a book or two that’s perennially included (such as Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “Astrophysics for People in a Hurry,” Tara Westover’s “Education,” Jon Meacham’s “The Soul of  America: The Search for Our Better Selves,” and Masaji Ishikawa’s “A River in Darkness: One Man’s Escape from North Korea.” The books range widely in viewpoints but are all nonfiction and generally are far from light reading. Having pulled up one of the magic 49, you can click thru on “Learn More” to see the full list.

Why do you care? Because, if you buy one, you get a credit for 25% of the purchase price toward the purchase of another of the magic 49. When the books include pricey volumes — at one point Walter Isaacson’s book “Leonardo Da Vinci” was included — that can be a spectacular deal. When, as now, many of the books are either included in the Kindle Unlimited program or are priced at $0.00, it’s a lot of effort for possibly zero savings.

Nonetheless, Amazon designates books as Great on Kindle books because of their suitability for Kindle devices and every saving is welcome. Something to check out when you have time to spare. The current link, which may not be the correct one later, is

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