Has the pandemic affected how you hear?


Has the Pandemic Affected Your Hearing?

Katherine Bouton hearing loss and isolation

Captions have become ubiquitous during these many months of isolation. Is that an unmitigated good for those with hearing loss? For me, at least, maybe not.

When I watch TV or streaming video, it’s captioned. I set the volume so I can hear the spoken words to supplement the captions, but it’s the other way around. The captions fool me into thinking I’m hearing.

My phone is captioned, and again the captions seem to clarify the sound.  

Meetings online are captioned. Thank goodness.

This is all very convenient, but is it good for my hearing?

Are you really listening?

I see family and friends in person, and after a brief adjustment period, I’m usually okay. Familiar faces, familiar voices. No masks. I read lips to supplement. I sometimes use Otter captions.

But lately I’ve noticed that I’m not hearing what I used to. I have trouble understanding people I used to be fine with. I’ve always been able to follow my Pilates teacher if she’s wearing my companion mic, but now her words, muffled by a mask, are lost to me.

Unfamiliar voices, masked or not, are more difficult than they used to be.

Routine cash register comments?  If it’s the pharmacy, it’s probably, “Date of birth?” But the other day one stumped me. The masked supermarket clerk behind her plexiglass shield repeated her question three or four times. Finally, I took a stab at “No, thanks.” It was only when I was out of the store that I realized she was asking, “Do you want to use reward points for this?”

Like many of us during the pandemic, I‘m alone much of the time. I don’t feel isolated, because I keep in touch with friends and family by FaceTime, email, and phone calls. Most days I exchange routine greetings with people on the street, or with the guy I buy my newspaper from, or from other dog walkers. But exchanging pleasantries doesn’t require real hearing.

It’s possible the problem is that I’m just out of practice. Or maybe I’ve gotten lazy with my hearing: I don’t try to distinguish sound because I don’t need to in my captioned world. I’m hearing but not listening. A few years ago I wrote about “mindful listening” in a post on auditory rehabilitation. I may not be following my own advice.

Is this a pandemic side effect? Has isolation affected my hearing? Or, maybe, has isolation affected my listening? I’ve made an appointment with my audiologist to check my heairng, both with and without hearing aids. If it turns out my hearing is unchanged, I’ll have to chalk it up to lazy listening.

Readers, have you had a similar experience? Did you have your hearing checked? Was it your hearing or your listening that was causing the problem. Please share in the comments.

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