So what IS an ultraprocessed food?

We’re supposed to reduce our consumption of ultraprocessed food. But what fits in that category? Turns out some canned fruits and vegetables are considered ultraprocessed even tho they don’t seem that different from fresh, simply because there are a number of critical processes that must be applied before the product can be sold. Most food is processed a bit. Ultraprocessed food (generally) includes added sugar, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, stabilizers. Ultraprocessed foods usually have five or more ingredients

The ones that everybody lists as ultraprocessed foods that should have a limited place in your diet:

  • sweetened breakfast cereal
  • flavored yogurt
  • many store-bought ice cream
  • packaged bread and buns
  • chocolate and candy
  • packaged soups
  • soft drinks
  • hot dogs and processed meats
  • chicken nuggets
  • chips
  • jarred sauces
  • frozen sausages

Since everyone eats something a little different, I’m attaching a set of articles so that  you can browse for your favorite food. They’re all based on the same underlying study but take slightly different definitions.

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