Stream the Philly Mummer’s Parade for fun on New Year’s

One of my all-time favorite parades is the Mummer’s Parade every New Year’s Day. Picture Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Halloween in NYC, but then add overkill with huge head-dresses requiring extended rods from the wearer’s hands to keep them fully extended. It’s absolutely wild and a must to try at least once. Here’s coverage by a local source and Newsweek.

The parade lasts from about 9am-6pm.

From PHL17:

The parade will be televised throughout the day on PHL17 for those who live in Philadelphia area.  You can also watch the parade online via the PHL17’s website or stream it live on Mr

PLH17 reports that the 2019 parade stream will not be compatible with Internet Explorer and therefore it is recommended that you use another browser to stream the event such as Google Chrome.

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